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Meet the Team

Would you like to meet the folks who work here?

The Minions

Cheese Master Ed Puterbaugh

The Head Cheese and brainchild behind Boone Creek Creamery, Ed. He is a trained microbiologist and started to make Handmade Artisan Cheese, as a hobby, at home. It was so popular everyone said, "You should sell it!" So, he did, et voilà, the birth of Boone Creek Creamery Kentucky Handmade Artisan Cheese.

Meagan (CM1)

Meagan has now been with Boone Creek Creamery for several years and is the Cheese Kitchen Manager. If it happens in the kitchen, she makes it work.

Kelli (CM2)

Our CM2 in the kitchen, cutting, packing, and grilling the Scandinavian Bread Cheese to perfection. She is a refreshing minion.


What a great tour, totally entertaining. The kids loved it!

Robert R. and family, Nashville, TN

We came to Lexington from South Carolina for the game, found the Boone Creek brochure in the Welcome Center. We stopped and had a fantastic time. We definitely recommend it.

Sally G., Greensboro, SC

The hotel recommended you as something to do while we were in Lexington, I called and our entire group had a fantastic time. And thank you for the cheese sampling, definitely the best cheese I have ever tasted.

Mr. Bill W., Houston, TX

A bit about our team...

Watch the Minions, but don't tap on the tank...it scares them.

From our observation window, you can watch our crew hard at work. We affectionately call them The Cheese Minions because they are always working furiously to make, age, cut, and package cheese. They are constantly fulfilling orders for Farmers Markets, Shows, Retailers, Restaurants, Online Orders, and of course our retail store. In fact, they never seem to stop working and yet their fun and enthusiasm is infectious. They are a highly respected and critical part of the process here at Boone Creek Creamery, so be sure to wave and say hello.

You can become an honorary Cheese Minion too by having your picture taken in our original cheese making pot. Thousands of visitors from 1 to 100 have crawled into the pot to have their picture taken, so don’t be shy.

Honorary Cheese Minions